Study Group on  Folk Musical Instruments


18th International Meeting


13-17 April, 2011

at the invitation of

Institut za etnologiju i folkloristiku

Jasmina Talam, 
Academy of Music in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Examples of an interesting practice: Singing by the pan

Singing by the pan, in folk tradition known as "panning" (Bosnian: "tepsijanje"), represents one of the specific forms of the rural female musical practice. According to Wolf Dietrich, this form of musical practice in Bosnia and Herzegovina has already been accepted during the Ottoman period (beginning of the XVI century). Recent researches have shown that singing by the pan is very popular in modern times too, especially with Muslim and Catholic population in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
This paper has a goal to present that unique and very interesting practice, in which the non-musical object takes on a new function: one of a musical instrument.


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